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Regardless of who you are, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your desire to make a difference in your own personal or professional way. So please tell us how you wish to contribute to the success of this project. We will respond as rapidly as possible.


If you have a comment or question that you think may help others, please post it in one of the Youtube video comment sections. 


Please know that we cannot always address every question and comment directly. However, we are paying close attention to your valuable thoughts. We make note of everything you share to guide the content of our website and newsletters. 


The newsletter will provide you with clear discussions about the key topics in which we have the most expertise about human physiology (how the body works). We encourage you to join our newsletter (sometimes in video format) as the best way to keep up to date.

Make sure to note your background. Identify if you are either a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL or a RESEARCHER in need of advice, or if you are seeking more information to share with others in some form of social or traditional mass MEDIA.

For inquiries, please fill out the form below.

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