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Reading List

As part of our mission to provide free, high-quality education about physiology, we have created pages detailing references in our iScience paper and others relevant to our work. 

The following list is a comprehensive list of more than 100 references from our latest publication in iScience. We have included annotations for a select number of the references and will continue to add more in the future. Our goal in providing these annotations is to educate the public about metabolism and provide context or the purpose of the citation. 

The following list of references are an excellent resource for those interested in diving deeper into why soleus oxidative metabolism during sitting may be a healthy physiological method. We encourage both scientists and other to ask questions when reading.

Journal Club

Coming Soon!

Through Journal Club, we will provide free and regular content aimed at teaching the public about a number of topics including metabolism and metabolic regulation, exercise and inactivity physiology, and how they pertain to health at any age.


Coming Soon!

Here we provide links to publications from our lab as well as additional reading as it relates to our work. We have made this all free of charge as part of our goal to teach the public about about muscle metabolism 

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