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Thank you for supporting our work!

Dr. Marc Hamilton directs Metabolic Innovations Laboratories, a non-profit biomedical research entity, which is part of the department of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston. 100% of any donation goes directly to pay for public health outreach efforts or the direct research costs of projects. The work in our laboratory is aimed at the most widespread impact through dissemination in top tier peer reviewed medical journals (and now also explained more simply in a website because of the overwhelming requests for advice by physicians or other researchers, and educational materials by members in the public). None of your philanthropic support can ever be used for indirect costs, such as university overhead.  


Please contact us if you have any questions. If the following instructions confuse you, please just email us at:  


Below, we have included detailed instructions of how to make a donation to our lab. 


Link to donate:

1. After clicking the link you will be brought to the main page.

2. Select your desired donation frequency. Then, from the dropdown below select Health and Human Performance (see image).

3. In the box to the right, indicate the amount you would like to donate

4. In the special instructions box below, please indicate that you would like to donate to us. In the box asking where you want your gift to apply, simply make note that the purpose of the donation is to be directed to the Metabolic Innovations Labs (only for Dr. Hamilton's non-profit work as explained above).

5. Complete the required fields in the donor information section.  

6. Complete the matching gifts, business information, and planned giving sections. There is a generous program for matching large gifts and taxable benefits to donors to inquire about. 

7. Click "Confirm your gift" and you will be brought to a secure page to enter your payment information.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

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